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Flavor of the Month: April 2016 "Sweet but Deadly"

Matthew Callahan

Our inaugural FOTM contest started off with a bang! If you haven't already read the previous article "What's Yo Flava", allow me to recap what Flavor of the Month is all about!

Once a month, we hold a cosplay contest on our Facebook page calling out all cosplayers to fulfill a certain theme with their art. Four winners are chosen at the end of the entry period by either fan vote (via the most amount of Likes on a photo), 8 Bit team vote, or a video raffle drawing. The winners all walk away with a gift certificate to the 8 Bit store and a spot in a secret product photo shoot showcasing some amazing new treats inspired by their cosplay. Each of the four winners will have their treat featured on the front page each week of the month. The grand prize also includes a one month Loot Crate subscription of their choosing and one of our Stone and Oak blue Turtle Shell Support Group VIP bags full of 8 Bit goodies.

Many talented cosplayers from around the tri-state area and beyond have entered our contest. Each one believing their character was truly "Sweet but Deadly". To fulfill the theme, their character and the composition of their photo had to show of a sweet side to a character we otherwise wouldn't want to have to fend off in a dark alley.

Toward the last week of the voting period, the competition got intense. Our contestants pulled out all the stops to gain the most votes. One entrant even went as far as offering to share her prize!

Let's meet the winners!

Grand Prize:768 votes

Evelyn Ramos As Velma Dinkley

Photo Credit:  Evelyn Ramos

Photo Credit: Evelyn Ramos

In a fantastic landslide to 1st place, Evelyn wowed the crowd with her super sweet and under sexualized Velma Dinkley cosplay. The character has recently garnered a soft spot in the hearts of many and a ...umm... harder spot in the pants of even more. The sexualized Velma has become almost clichè to some folks, leaving Evelyn's Velma as a welcome change for the many who appreciate the character for more than what's under her sweater.

Photo Credit: DC Photoproductions

Joined by her husband, Evelyn was a bombshell in front of our guest photographer's cameras. DC Photoproductions was gracious enough to offer their services for our secret product shoot and tasting event at SquareWine & Spirits in Long Island City. She's featured here with her Velma inspired treat, "Jinkies" - a kitchen sink bar of crushed butter cookies, our Ultimate Chocolate Sugar Cookie, chocolate, marshmallow, nuts, wine infused caramel wafers, and a ton of whiskey and rum.

2nd Place: 672 Votes

Sami Nyan as Yoko Littner

Photo Credit: Sami Nyan

Photo Credit: Sami Nyan

Though she could not make it to our shoot, it was a pleasure having Sami in our contest. Check out the Yoko Shots we made for her! These little guys are pink lemonade mini cupcakes with a sour strawberry watermelon frosting piped to mimic Yoko's ponytail and are topped with a marshmallow version of her skull hair clip. 

Photo Credit:  Ron Gejon Photography

Photo Credit: Ron Gejon Photography

3rd Prize: 537 Votes JustJen Cosplay as Spider Woman

Photo Credit::  Just Jen Cosplay

Photo Credit:: Just Jen Cosplay

Tingling spidey senses across the web, Jennifer's busty Spider Woman cosplay was as amazing as it was controversial in the competition. She was one of the very first to enter the contest and used the time to her advantage. For a large chunk of the voting period, Jennifer lead the competition in first place. The spot was narrowly snatched up in the last few days.

The cosplay got mostly positive but still mixed reviews as it sparked a "don't let the boobs win" campaign among a few of the voters. It's common knowledge that in may of these cosplay contests, sex sells and wins over craftsmanship and hard work. 

Still, it is incredibly undeniable how beautiful Jennifer is in this cosplay. We urge you all to check out her other outfits and enjoy her more modest and equally adorable handmade cosplays as well.


Photo Credit: DC Photoproductions

Like this one here! She attended the tasting party as a very beautiful gender bent Aladdin. Even Abu went under an adorable sex change as Abby!

Jennifer's hand crafted treat, "High Tea in Agrabah", is an angel food cake mini tart full of a fluffy earl grey and chai infused meringue. It's topped with a gold dusted chocolate disk to resemble the hot noon sun. 

4th Place: 513 Votes KayshaChaos as Sadira

Photo Credit:  KayshaChaos

Photo Credit: KayshaChaos

Of all the entries, Kaysha's Sadira was the 8 Bit favorite. Incredibly well  crafted, sexy, dark, and accurate as hell, this cosplay was hands down the best in show for the 8 Bit team. 

Friendly competition is a wonderful thing. A long time friend of Jennifer's, Kaysha stated she was happy and honored to be runner up to an amazing cosplayer such as her. Don't let it fool you, though! Check out  her other hand made cosplays and bask in her talent. Her Spinal cosplay is phenomenal!

Photo Credit: DC Photo Productions

Photo Credit: DC Photo Productions

Kaysha attended the shoot as Android 18 from the Dragon Ball z franchise. So, it was only fitting she held up one of our Kreamcicle Krillin Cupcakes. Each of the fresh orange flavored cupcakes was topped with our creamy vanilla ice cream Swiss meringue butter cream. Krillin's kanji is hand painted onto the top for an authentic brush stroke look. 

Thank you SquareWines & Spirits and everyone who attended our tasting party! A huge shout out has to go to Penny over at Pete's Basement for making this quick video of the event. Another huge shout out has to go out to Kiwi and Matt of Digital Limit for stopping by and grabbing footage (and noms) for our Kickstarter video!