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What's Yo Flava?

Matthew Callahan

One of our many goals at 8 Bit Bakeshop is to be an all inclusive bakery. To us, this means having a safe ground for people of all backgrounds and geeky interests to enjoy what they love. As we prepare for the opening of our retail store next year, we aim to keep up with our goal virtually. Flavor of the Month is just the beginning step.

We originally started off with Cosplay Spotlight, a monthly article showcasing a single cosplayer who's talent really dropped the jaws of the 8 Bit team. After the first article featuring Chelsey Cosplay and her beyond extraordinary Link cosplay (below), we realized that one cosplayer a month isn't enough. 


Photo Credit:  Miss Mallo Photography  | Cosplayer: Chelsey Cosplay

Four a month sounded much better. But how do we choose just four out of the millions of cosplayers in the tri-state area alone? Not to mention the millions across the country.

With this, we introduce Flavor of the Month. FOTM is our way of building a networking ground for tons of cosplayers in the US. It's also a killer way for you to score some cool prizes like photo shoots, gift certificates, Loot Crates, and more!

Though only four will win. it is the entry and voting period that matters most. Tons of cosplayers can enter our Facebook contest and use the comments section as a way of gaining attention to their own pages and finding others. Liking, sharing, and commenting are encouraged for all parties who wish to get a push on their fan pages or for veterans who want to show off the latest craft to a new set of people.

A hand painted cookie from our Geeky Noms line.

A hand painted cookie from our Geeky Noms line.

Our favorite part of the entire contest is the baking, of course! In addition to the prizes, each winner will have a special pastry created that will be inspired by a cosplay of their choosing. All four of the new pastries will be sold in the web store that month, with each cosplayer and their treat taking turns being featured each week on the front page.

Check out our Facebook page often for entry and theme information. Not ready to enter yet? Swing by and vote for other fellow cosplayers until you're ready!

Flavor of the Month is just the beginning of a year long journey to virtually include as many interests as possible in our business until the retail store opens next year. Then, the party really begins!