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Cosplay? What the heck is that?

Are you new to the world of cosplay? Need a little more information on what "those crazy kids" are up to? Look no further! We've got you covered.

Cosplay is a parallel universe that opens its doors to you as soon as you cross the words COSTUME and PLAY. For many cosplayers, this is more than just galavanting around conventions dressed as their favorite character. For many, it's an art form as well as a way of life. It's a creative outlet, a way to escape difficult lives, and a gateway to making new friendships that last a lifetime. For 8 Bit Bakeshop, we go beyond just enjoying the idea of cosplay-- we engulf ourselves in the fine art of handmade costume crafting with our cosplay team, Dead Pixel! 

From stories of our own cosplay team to spotlights of cosplayers around the globe, and even tutorials to get you started, 8 Bit Bakeshop is a proud cosplay-friendly business. Peruse our posts below, follow us on social media, or come visit us in person at one of our events for an immersive cosplay experience!

Cosplay Spotlight

Every month, we pick one fan to be in the Cosplay Spotlight and create a special flavor inspired by their brilliant transformation. Want to be in the spotlight? Email us with the subject line  "Cosplay Spotlight" and your cosplay name for more info! 

Dead Pixel About Town

Dead Pixel is 8 Bit Bakeshop's New York City-based cosplay team. You can catch us around town at Pete's Basement and other comic stores, and of course at any convention in the Tri-State area. Want to hang out with us? Interested in joining the team? Send us an email with the subject line "Dead Pixel" and tell us a little about yourself!