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Featured Pixel: Lady Ignite

Matthew Callahan

The head of our kitchen is also the head of our cosplay team! Hannah takes on a new persona as Lady Ignite in our resident cosplay team, Dead Pixel.

Cosplay: Felicia - Darkstalkers | Photo Credit:  D. Brooks Photo82

Cosplay: Felicia - Darkstalkers | Photo Credit: D. Brooks Photo82

My first cosplay was rushed, poorly executed, and a pain to create. I was self conscious and terrified during my first photo shoot ever. And, because of that Felicia will always be my favorite cosplay.

All her life, our head chef had a hard time fitting in. Being bullied all through her school career led her to lead a quiet book filled life with a few select friends she trusted. Hannah took a loving eye to topics most people found weird and unusual. She went through life phases of teenage depression and the goth lifestyle through college, desperately trying to avoid anything "girly"


From one abusive relationship to another, Hannah's natural vibrancy was stifled. She longed for something and someone that would accept her for her quirky inner self. Then she met 8 Bit's co-owner Matthew. 

A wonderful friendship budded and blossomed into a love that not only created 8 Bit Bakeshop but a new happy life for the both of them. It wasn't until he pushed her to follow her dream to be a cosplayer that she truly found inner peace. 

"I come from a history of abusive relationships, bad decisions, and changes I made to myself that I didn't want to. Basically, I was like every girl in the world at some point. Cosplay looked like an amazing escape to my daily strife of 60 hour work weeks and the brief period of being a single mom with no recreational outlets. 

When Matt supported my dream and pushed me to try cosplaying, I made it my goal to only cosplay strong characters that made an impact on my life or forced confidence in me. Felicia, the Darkstalkers character, was the first on a long list of cosplays to teach myself to love my body as Matt does - in its raw, natural state.

My first cosplay was rushed, poorly executed, and a pain to create. I was self conscious and terrified during my first photo shoot ever. And because of that, Felicia will always be my favorite cosplay. She gave me the first steps in loving myself and learning to sew. My latest creations are all perfect in my eyes but its this big mess of fur that will always have a special place in my heart." 

Cosplay: Amy Rose (Audry Hepburn Inspired) - Sonic The Hedgehog | Photo Credit: MCK2 Photography

Wearing the many hats of a business woman, chef, mom, and wife can be tricky. Especially while attempting to find time to craft beautiful cosplays. With Matt's incredible prop crafting, she's had some much needed help with making each cosplay with her own special mark.

Amy Rose (above) is a great example. Making the hammer from two old lampshades, pvc, hot glue, and hope, Hannah put a spin on the love struck Sonic the Hedgehog character with her Audrey Hepburn inspired cosplay.

Cosplay: Asuka / Anna Hybrid - Tekken | Photo Credit: D. Brooks Photo82

Hoping to continue her path to self love and confidence, Hannah's roster includes strong female characters she hopes to emulate in her daily life. The Asuka/Ana hybrid cosplay (above) is inspired by two of her favorite Tekken characters with polar opposite personalities.

"I'm a Gemini. We're known for having alter egos. Some have good vs. evil, some have incredibly happy vs. manic depressive. I feel I have sweet vs. sinful and I wanted to show that in my hybrid cosplay. Asuka's loving yet boyish and powerful persona meets Ana's sultry wit and feminine wiles. This is the embodiment of the true me."

Cosplay: Ryofu Housen - Ikki Tousen | Photo Credit: ThisGuyCantBeSerious

Find out more about our leading lady on her Facebook fan page and of course, here on the Dead Pixel blog.