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Meet the Team


If you ever wanted to sum up the perfect partnership between Hannah and Matthew in three words, these would be it: Salem and Rios.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Army of Two reference, just think of these guys like peanut butter and jelly... green eggs and ham... bacon and... well, everything! Ms. Geek and Mr. Nerd, as they are known here, met in the late winter/early spring of 2012. After getting to know each other and their love of all things technological, they realized that they both had a talent they could use for evil doings! (Deliciously evil doings... in case you started fleeing for your life.)

One day, on an impromptu car ride to nowhere, Ms. Geek and Mr. Nerd had one of many conversations about the things they love most--video games and comic books: 


And simply enough, that is how 8 Bit Bakeshop was born. Fueled by all things nerdy, geeky, and cosplay, this husband and wife duo dusted off their capes and decided it was their duty become the Wonder Twins of geeky baking. 

Hannah Maldonado, Head Chef, Co-Owner

Hannah is an innovative pastry chef with no tolerance for "normal." At 19, she graduated from the Art Institute of New York City with a certification in Pastry Arts, that included a rigorous education in nutrition and sanitation. At the time of her graduation she also had a competition under her belt. Being a very studious person, Hannah continued her education at Kingsborough Communty College where she acquired her certifications in Restaurant, Hospitality, and Customer Service Management. 

A lifelong gamer and cosplay enthusiast, her favorite alter-ego is Super Mom to her spunky daughter Luna. After Luna came along, Hannah began to grow weary of her hectic life working for other people. She wanted badly to have a constant presence with her daughter and still be able to do the work she loved. Ms. Geek has a knack for superior customer service and treats all of her clients like family. After earning her management street-cred from cupcake top dogs such as Butterlane Cupcakes and Billy's Bakery, Hannah sought out to make her own baking dreams become reality with 8 Bit Bakeshop. 

matt bio pic.jpg

Matthew McNamee, Director of Operations, Co-Owner

Matthew is an aircraft mechanic for Jet Blue Airways with a love of anything scientific and crafty. After being hired for Jet Blue at 18, Matthew has spent just shy of ten years honing his skills in his field. He has a special talent for making improvised yet highly effective constructions with little more than a paper clip and chewing gum. When you pair his skills with metal, wood, fire, and countless other mediums, you can see his handiwork is his artwork and he is proud to stand behind it. 

Nick Dario, Sales & Pastry Assistant, Master of Boozy Pastries

Nick has been with the 8 Bit team since our humble beginnings as a home bakery. A graduate from Northampton Community College, he moved onward to theater and music where his talents were used both behind the scenes and onstage. He sings like an angel and bakes like the devil!

This man is certainly a jack-of-all-trades. As a pastry assistant for 8 Bit, he has mastered our methods of small batch dough production and cake ball preparation. In the office, he’s been a great asset to our marketing department with his innovative ideas on customer retention and visual appeal.

Now, with his position at the beautiful family-run Tolino Vineyards in Pennsylvania, Nick will be our wine and brew expert for our Bartender’s Oven Menu; a line of boozy baked products found here at 8 Bit (full line coming soon).

Jackie Delgado, Cake Decorator, Business Networking

Jackie is a cosmetology major gone rogue — and it’s AWESOME!
Using the talents she has honed during her time at Stroudsburg School of Cosmetology, as well as those self-taught on her own time, Jackie uses her talents in more ways than ever thought possible.

We praise her as the Goddess of Fondant, sculpting magnificent edible sculptures with the most intricate detail. Her mastery of color and texture has best been showcased on our Good Morning America cake. Her cookie decoration is flawless and vibrant.

With her gift of gab and perfect first impressions, Jackie is our face of business networking. Lending Hannah a hand with introducing 8 Bit to a wide variety of fellow geeky businesses, conventions, and celebrities has proven invaluable.