8 Bit Bakeshop

Where Geek Culture Meets Gourmet

All gamers welcome!

You're a gamer, your parents were gamers, their parents dusted off a board game or two... even cavemen could push a rock down a hill for a lark! It doesn't matter what you play or how you play it, as long as you enjoy what you do. Here at 8 Bit Bakeshop, we're here to provide delicious treats to match your interests, no matter which part of the geek, nerd, or pop culture universe you belong to. 

Founded by Hannah and Matthew McNamee in 2014, 8 Bit Bakeshop began with neighborhood deliveries of our small batch, hand-painted cookies made with locally-sourced ingredients. Today we're proud to boast a nationwide delivery service and a booming special order shop that produces cakes, edible arcade cabinets, giant hand-painted cookies, and anything else you can imagine. Bask in the glory of your favorite characters, reminisce about the days before save files and checkpoints, and get sweet revenge on those impossible bosses — by literally biting their heads off.

And for those rare occasions where you aren't flying your geek flag high, we also offer a wide range of Not-So-Geeky Noms like chocolate chip cookies and birthday cakes that are perfectly appropriate for business meetings or work parties. Most of our products can be made to accommodate any dietary restriction, including gluten-free, vegan, diabetic-friendly, allergies, and more.